Bayview Vision Community Meeting Video & Q&A transcript now available!

May 17, 2021

On May 4, Goosefoot and their master planning design team held a public meeting via Zoom to discuss progress to date on planning for the Bayview RAID (Rural Area of Intensive Development), including the feasibility of developing workforce housing on the site.

Access the May 4 meeting video here.
Access a transcript of meeting Q&A’s here.

Our team of architects, engineers, and housing development professionals shared their thoughts on potential sites for development, community housing needs, and ways to strengthen Bayview’s sense of place, as well as what is feasible in the area and potential trade-offs around housing types, rent levels, and time to completion. The plan is very early in the process.

The Bayview Vision Steering Group and design team are continuing their research on infrastructure, siting specifics, and the development of designs. Another community meeting in October should provide important updates on what is possible and next steps.