Bayview Corner Street Dance: Rubatano Marimba

Rubatano Marimba offers heart-warming and dance-inducing Zimbabwean style marimba. Tanya Boyd, Paul Hayes, Kerry Holland, Dana Moffett, Micah Petrich, Leslie Breeden, Diana Chamrad, Dyanne Harshman, Warner Scheyer and Tillie Scruton will be joined by special guest musicians from Zimbabwe.

Wednesday, July 24 , 6-8pm
Bayview Cash Store, 5603 Bayview Road

Street Dances are every other Wednesday—June 12 through September 4—from 6 to 8 PM at the Bayview Cash Store, 5603 Bayview Road. Rain or shine! Beer, wine, and soft drinks are available for purchase, pick up food from the Taproom or Chef in the Black Bandana, and picnic dinners are welcome. All members of the community and visitors are invited to these free, family friendly celebrations.