Goosefoot Community Fund is seeking a qualifications package and expression of interest from Architects interested in designing an affordable rental apartment complex in Langley, Washington.

Goosefoot Community Fund (GCF) was founded in 1999 and works together with the South Whidbey Community to create essential solutions. As a 501(c) 3 charitable entity classified under Code Section 509(a)(3), Goosefoot supports various organizations and initiatives to address community needs, help local businesses grow, preserve great places and connect neighbors.

Goosefoot Housing Group (GHG) was initiated in 2022 under GCF’s fiscal sponsorship. GHG’s purpose is to create housing affordable to people who live and work in Island County, with an initial focus on workforce rental housing. Through partnerships and coalitions, we work toward the development and long-term management of housing. In the process, we broaden the community’s understanding of the needs and opportunities for this work.

Goosefoot acquired the subject site in March 2022, and the project plan is based on current housing stock gaps identified in Langley’s 2022 Housing Action Plan Needs Assessment Report. An initial feasibility study indicates the site can accommodate 15 units of family-size affordable housing in 3 detached apartment buildings. These will be 2-3 bedroom units suitable for families with children, or communal households of unrelated friends. This will be Langley’s first multifamily rental construction in over 20 years, and the first major development under the Multifamily Infill Form-Based Code (MFIFBC) adopted in 2021.