Update on Bayview Vision Workforce Housing Project

October 6, 2021

Our previously planned October community meeting will be postponed until we have concrete answers to some vital questions.

In January 2021, Goosefoot hired a design team on behalf of the Bayview Vision Steering Group to study the feasibility of developing workforce housing in Bayview to assist with our local housing crisis. For background on the project, please visit our website.

We’re happy to report that the design team’s conclusions are positive regarding the feasibility of developing a multi-family workforce housing development, based on a suggested model of 2 buildings housing 44 units, with units ranging from one to four bedrooms.

 HOWEVER, two questions need to be answered before we move forward:

  • Where exactly will the housing and septic and storm water infrastructure be located within the Bayview RAID?
  • What type of entities will take on the development, financing, and management functions of such a housing development on South Whidbey? Goosefoot will continue to actively support this effort, but is not in the position to serve in any of these roles.

Challenges include:

  • Substantial investment costs for development and infrastructure.
  • Determining interim strategies to address immediate workforce housing needs.
  • Ensuring that the housing stays affordable over the long-term.
  • Assisting a workforce in crisis at all income levels.
  • Moving this project forward in a timely manner.

These issues are not unusual. They exist for any new non-market rate multi-family housing development, no matter the location.

Next Steps

The Bayview Vision Steering Group, Goosefoot, and a volunteer network of experienced professionals are currently working on solutions to address these questions and challenges.

The planned October community meeting has been postponed
Our 2nd public meeting will be scheduled when we can report on concrete steps that can be taken to move the project forward. We trust you will understand.