Retail Space at Bayview

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Goosefoot rents space in three Bayview locations for retail or service businesses. Bayview Center and Bayview Corner are excellent locations for your business, both located right off of Highway 525, a two-lane highway connecting the north and south ends of Whidbey Island. Getting on and off the highway is easy, there’s plenty of parking, and current tenants attract both locals and tourists.

As a landlord, Goosefoot is a responsible steward of its buildings and properties. We also help promote our tenants’ businesses through social media, monthly event notices, destination marketing ads, and our website. We participate in promotions with local tourism organizations. All at no cost to our tenants.

Our goal is to facilitate connection between our tenants, their customers and our community, so we can stay together for a long, long time.

Bayview Center

Bayview Center is a neighborhood shopping plaza, centrally located between Freeland and Langley on South Whidbey. Tenants enjoy the convenient location right off of Highway 525, ample parking, and two anchor stores: the Goose Community Grocer and Sebo’s Do It Center hardware store.

Referred to for many years as Whidby City, this plot of land housed a lumber mill long before Oak Harbor developer Bob Sebo built Bayview Center in the early 1970s. The land changed hands and Goosefoot purchased nine acres of the overall plot of land from the Myers Group in 2005.

Goosefoot owns the Goose Community Grocer, one of the shopping center’s anchors. Profits from the store are distributed to nonprofits that serve South Whidbey Island. We currently lease to Bayview Appliance & Mattress Center, Casey’s Crafts, Jester’s Keep, and Whidbey Island Kayaking.

Retail Spaces Available at Bayview Center

There are currently no spaces available for lease at Bayview Center.

Bayview Cash Store

The historic Cash Store is Bayview Corner’s retail hub and one of its main anchors.  Built in 1924, Goosefoot painstakingly refurbished it over a five-year period, reopening it in 2005 and providing businesses with an authentically South Whidbey backdrop.

The Cash Store has a beautiful, hand-crafted interior, where form and function are woven into a warm and welcoming space. The building is surrounded by well-maintained grounds with flowers, plants, pathways and several sculptures.

Our current tenants, special events, and art exhibits attract year-round traffic from both residents and off-Island visitors. We currently lease to Bard’s Boutique, Bayview Bicycles, Belle Fleur, Golden Earth Healing Arts, Salon Bella, Sarah Hogarth LMP, Simply Nails, Taproom@BayviewCorner, and Whidbey Doughnuts.

Retail Spaces Available at the Cash Store

There are currently no spaces available for lease at the Cash Store.

Sears Kit House

This two-story structure provides private offices for several owner-occupied small businesses. The house was built in 1914 from a Sears and Roebuck catalogue home kit. Goosefoot moved the house to Bayview Corner from Greenbank in 2001 and completed an extensive renovation.

There are three upstairs offices, a large downstairs meeting room with its own entrance, and a bathroom on each floor. There’s well-sized parking lot near the main entrance and the property is pleasantly landscaped.

We currently lease to BodySoul Work, Emily Wandres, Island Shakespeare Festival, and Patrick Moll-Nevins Clinical Social Work.

Retail Spaces Available at the Sears House

There are currently no spaces available for lease at the Sears House.

Leasing Information

Interested in leasing space at either Bayview Center or Historic Bayview Corner?

Contact our Property Manager Larry Shorey at [email protected] or call 360-321-4145.