Thank you for participating in business workshops for the past 6 years! Our workshops are on hold for 2024 as we reevaluate community needs and what we have to offer. Please take a look at the recorded workshops listed below or available on our YouTube channel. If you would like to request a particular workshop in the future, please contact our education coordinator at [email protected].

Starting a Business


Learn how to write a business plan for success and receive an overview of critical things to consider before you ever apply for a business license. Available 24/7 on YouTube

Marketing 101


Increase the effectiveness of your marketing by laying out a plan with goals, a schedule, and measures of success. Available 24/7 on YouTube

Facebook Advanced for Business


This two-hour course will focus in on how businesses can get the most bang for their buck from Facebook. Available 24/7 on YouTube.

Instagram Advanced


Learn how to make your Instagram account really work for your business with the perfect hashtags, Instagram stories, a solid content strategy, and real world examples to learn from. Available 24/7 on YouTube

Content Calendars


This workshop walks you through the two sides of creating fresh ideas for social media. Available 24/7 on YouTube

Beyond the Boost: Crafting effective social media ads


Beyond the Boost will help you craft the best message, create the most appeal, and send it to people who are actually likely to act on it and impact your business in a positive way. Available 24/7 on YouTube.

Newsletters: Be Strategic, Not Anemic


After this workshop you will be able to create business newsletters that your audiences welcome and interact with. Available 24/7 on YouTube

Bookkeeping for Small Business


A Bookkeeping 101 class specifically tailored for small businesses. Available 24/7 on YouTube

Selling Online


Learn how to harness the convenience, broader customer base, and lower overhead costs while preparing for increased competition, lower visibility, and logistical challenges of selling online. Available 24/7 on Youtube.

Virtual Shopping & Easy Online Videos

This one-hour crash course will look at the top online video tools, how business owners can quickly and easily edit and post videos, and creative ideas for using these tools to bring your business online. Available 24/7 on YouTube.