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Explore the shops, galleries, and restaurants at Bayview Corner.

Bayview Center

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Bayview Corner

The stores, restaurants, services, and art spaces throughout Bayview help keep this important part of South Whidbey’s history relevant and thriving.

Bard’s Boutique
Bayview Bicycles
Bayview Garden
Bayview Farmers Market
Bayview Studio
Belle Fleur
Charlene Ray Counseling (Bayview School)
Flower House Café
Golden Earth Healing Arts
Goosefoot (Bayview School)
Island Shakespeare Festival (Sears House)
Lisa Fladager Body Soul Works (Sears House)
Patrick Moll-Nevins Clinical Social Work (Sears House)
Salon Bella
Sarah Hogarth LMP
Simply Nails
Stallman Studio (Bayview School)
Whidbey Doughnuts