The Hub Gallery

The Hub Gallery is a community art gallery in the downstairs foyer of the Bayview Cash Store.

The Hub shows are curated by Goosefoot staff and typically feature thematic group shows, solo exhibits with emerging artists, or artists who are new to Whidbey Island.

If you are interested in showing your work, please contact [email protected] or (360) 321-4232

Current Art Show:

The Art of Whidbey Ren Faire

On view June 1 through July 14, 2024

Hub Gallery | Bayview Cash Store, 5603 Bayview Road

Open 7 days a week, 10 AM to 6 PM

Experience the magic of Whidbey’s recent Ren Faire through the art and craft of dozens of volunteers under the guidance of local textile artist Doe Stahr. As lead visionary for the Great Hall (in the fairground’s Pole Building), Doe and her merry band of workers created a world where dragons, mermaids, fairies, and royalty personally welcomed visitors to the fictional medieval village of Seawylde.