Bayview School

Since 1909, the Bayview School building has provided education in one form or another for South Whidbey residents of all ages.

Bayview School today
Bayview School soon after it opened in 1909.

The original Bayview School opened in 1886 with eight students. By 1909, the wooden school building we see today was built and 71 students enrolled the following year. Children through the 8th grade were educated in two rooms.

Bayview School was closed in 1942, replaced with a new grade school in Langley.

1934 Bayview School grades 1-4

The building was subsequently used by the American Legion and Skagit Valley College. Then in 1995, the South Whidbey School District opened an alternative high school. The first Bayview Class of 1995 had 47 students. From 1995 through 2012, Bayview high school students enjoyed smaller class sizes and personalized lesson plans. They also became an important part of the social fabric at Bayview Corner—student dances and art shows were held in the Cash Store; graduations were held outside of Bayview Hall (or inside if necessary). And yes, Goosefoot was known to turn a blind eye to students smoking on our property!

The bell tower was returned to Bayview in 1995. It was removed again in 2012, when the alternative high school was moved.

In June 2012, due to declining enrollment numbers and lack of technological resources at the Bayview location, the school district closed Bayview High School and moved the students to their consolidated facilities on Maxwelton Road in Langley.

Currently, Goosefoot rents the building from the South Whidbey School District. Our offices are located there, along with two other businesses. The upstairs classroom is actively used for educational purposes as the location for Goosefoot’s free business workshops. We also rent the classroom out at no cost to other organizations hosting meetings and educational activities.

Goosefoot and Bayview School

A free business workshop offered by Goosefoot in the original Bayview School classroom.

When the alternative high school program was located here, Goosefoot established a close relationship with the students and educators who shared the neighborhood with us. We participated annually in their graduation ceremony by giving a gift to each graduating senior of a Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape (because you can build anything with those two items). In 2006, the first annual Goosefoot Founders Award was presented to a Bayview School graduate who best epitomizes the “community spirit of Bayview Corner.”

Now, 8 years later, Goosefoot is pleased to carry on the tradition of education in this historic building, both through offering our own workshops and encouraging others to use the facility at no charge to do the same.