Community Grant Program

Goosefoot’s grant program supports our friends and neighbors in need, local business growth, and the preservation of uniquely South Whidbey places.

Since 2014, we have given out more than $1 million to over 35 local nonprofits!

South Whidbey Island’s small geographic area (from Clinton to Greenbank, about 59 square miles) provides all of us living here with tremendous gifts: Natural beauty. A less hectic pace. Confidence we can count on our neighbors. The joy of running into people we know on a regular basis.  

We are also vulnerable to shifting forces that can hit individual residents, businesses and our entire island community hard. Economic slowdowns, changes in tourism trends, cost of living increases and the lack of affordable housing for workers we rely on. These and other challenges put some of our neighbors, including families and senior citizens, in precarious situations. Goosefoot is proud of the many local organizations we have had the honor to support.