Change for Charity Goes to the Community

October 28, 2020

Thanks to the generous shoppers of the Goose Community Grocer, local charities receive thousands in donations each month.

The Goose Grocer is pleased to offer the Change for Charity program. Customers can round up to the nearest dollar for a Whidbey Island non-profit organization. Be sure to ask your cashier about the roundup program on checkout!


In December, Whidbey Homeless Coalition received $7,353.86.

In November, Whidbey Island Dance Theatre received a $5,544.13.

In October, Helping Hand of South Whidbey received $6,553.04.

In September, the HUB received $7,105.71.

In August, Mother Mentors of Whidbey Island received $7,046.12.

In July, Bayview Community Hall received $7,680.62.

April through June, the roundup went to the Essential Needs fundraiser, with a total of $24,714.

In March, Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund received $6,348.16.

In February, South Whidbey Hearts & Hammers received $2,667.56.

In January, the Orca Network received $2,096.67.


In December, the South Whidbey Children’s Center received $2,504.40.

In November, the Family Resource Center received $2569.02.

In October, Whidbey Homeless Coaltion received $3,402.98.

In September, Whidbey Veterans Resource Center received $2,034.20.

In August, Readiness to Learn received $2,775.21.