Ian Joseph Jackson
The Liberation of Color

January 11, 2023

An exploration of archetypal influences and color.
On view January 16 through March 5.

Malcolm / Ioannes

“The Liberation of Color” is an exploration of archetypal influences –“godises,” as the artist coins them — that guide the progress of history and serve as a map to human development in every era. Through his vibrant and textural paintings and mixed media pieces, Jackson showcases his holistic view that all people, at all times, are units of a complex organism operating vibrantly and mysteriously in tandem.

On view in the Hub Gallery
5603 Bayview Road, Langley

Open 7 days a week, 10 AM to 6 PM
January 16 through March 5, 2023

Pop-Up Shops

Sunday, February 12 | 12-5 pm
Gallery talk & book signing

Saturday, February 18 | 1-6 pm
Gallery talk & book signing

Monday, February 20 | 1-6 pm

Thursday, March 2 | 4-8 pm

Sunday, March 5 | 12-5 pm
Closing event

From The Artist

Ian Joseph Jackson, also known by the artistic moniker Portals of Creation, is a New York-born, LA-grown painter, writer, musician, singer, dancer, and certified practitioner/student of holistic health based in Freeland.


His art and writings reflect a wide array of cultural influences, from liberation movement history, “Eastern” and “Western” metaphysics, his own roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition and the study of consciousness.

Jackson graduated NYU magna cum laude with a degree in Religion and Philosophy, sparking an interest in the mystical foundations that underlie the ancient Jewish and early Christian movements, the ancient Greek and Roman mystery schools, as well as corollaries seated in ancient Egypt, Sumer, the Celtic and Norse traditions, Mesoamerica and beyond.

His model of history mirrors his theory of color, woven together in Jackson’s first solo show “The Liberation of Color” as an exploration of the archetypal influences — “godises”, he coins them — that guide the progress of human history as a model for the liberation of the soul and a map to human development in every era.

“The Liberation of Color”, opening on MLK Day 2023, finds a focal point in the so-called “civil rights era” circa 1960s USA, utilizing vibrant paintings and mixed media to connect some of the known and lesser known icons from that period with “godises”, beings from what many perceive to be “far-flung” traditions, suggested here to embody elements of the same principles and principal mythology.