Intro to Food Business Licensing

You've got a great food product to sell, now what?

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Saturday, November 13 , 10am-12pm

You’ve got a great food product to sell, now what?

Geared towards producers of value-added food products (baked goods, jams, jellies, fermented foods, candy, dressings, sauces, etc).

Learn about the licenses and permits you’ll need to get your food business going and get an idea of the expenses you’ll incur before you even set foot into a commercial kitchen. Will you need a food processor’s license or are you eligible for a cottage food permit?  You will also hear about Goosefoot’s plans to develop a professionally equipped, shared incubator commercial kitchen on South Whidbey, geared towards food product businesses and caterers.

Led by Marian Myszkowski, Program Director for Goosefoot.

Register by emailing [email protected]