Social Media Content Calendars

Feel like you're constantly on the spot to create new content for every blog post, newsletter, and email? This workshop walks you through the two sides of creating fresh ideas for social media.

Tuesday, November 15 , 1-3pm
Front Room, Second Floor of Bayview Cash Store, 5603 Bayview Road, Langley

  • Content Calendar
    • How to plan ahead and give your audience nuggets of goodness to look forward to
    • Developing weekly and monthly themes so you know what to write about
    • Understanding what your audience wants
  • Fresh Content
    • Creating and curating what you have to share
    • Reinforcing your brand value with every communication

Taught by Beth Woolley of bdub Relations and Sami Postma, Events & Education Coordinator at Goosefoot. Beth Woolley founded bdub relations to help organizations fulfill their growth ambitions through brand-building inside and outside the organization. She wears her psychology degree on her sleeve, believing it gives her special insights into customer behavior.