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We bet you’ll agree that we’ve got a lot of moving parts to keep track of here at Goosefoot. This may help!

“…a huge cheerleader…”

Goosefoot supports local businesses by being a good landlord

Bayview Community Hall

Owned by the community, for the community

Call for Artists: Art for All

Goosefoot is looking for artists to participate in the 2nd annual Under $100 Art Show

2023 Annual Report

2023 was a big year of transitions for Goosefoot. We said goodbye to some long-time staff members, grew the organization to tackle new projects, and made some major improvements to Bayview properties.

Art with a Message: Teens’ responses to the world around them

On view through May 26, 2024

High school student artist's were asked to respond to the world around them and here's what how they replied

Goosefoot News, Arts & Events

Enjoy live music. Discover new artists. Celebrate Mardi Gras and Earth Day. See what’s happening at Bayview here!

Monthly Readings & Resources from Goosefoot’s Anti-Racism Task Force: The White Moderate

We are presenting only two readings this month. There is much in the first direct and powerful article to reflect on for anyone reading it, even though its primary audience are those leading and working in non-profit organizations.

Monthly Readings & Resources from Goosefoot’s Anti-Racism Task Force: Revisiting an American Icon

If you haven’t done so in a while, consider revisiting what you know about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the upcoming national holiday that bears his name.

Monthly Readings & Resources from Goosefoot’s Anti-Racism Task Force: Should We Celebrate Black History Month?

February is Black History Month. Founded in 1926 as Black History Week, the idea was to provide resources and focus for American teachers to discuss often erased, overlooked, and forgotten history.

Art with a Message

Whidbey Island high school students art show