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We bet you’ll agree that we’ve got a lot of moving parts to keep track of here at Goosefoot. This may help!

Maintaining Our Funding Stream

Goosefoot is unusual for a nonprofit organization in that we are self-sufficient and no longer rely on outside funding to fulfill our mission.

Art with a Message

Whidbey Island high school students art show

Whidbey Island Fundraiser for the Essential Needs Program

Keep our neighbors housed • keep them working • help them through emergency

Our History and Purpose

A parking lot conversation gave rise to the idea for the Goosefoot Community Fund just over 20 years ago. A thriving South Whidbey community will always be our number one priority.

Board & Staff

Goosefoot appreciates the trust placed in us by so many in our community!

Explore Historic Bayview Corner

Step into South Whidbey’s rich past. An area whose vibrant economic and social history is worth protecting for future generations.

Business Resources

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Housing Needs Survey

Facing housing challenges? Know someone who is?