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We bet you’ll agree that we’ve got a lot of moving parts to keep track of here at Goosefoot. This may help!

Sears Kit House (1914)

Offered from 1908 to 1940, Sears Roebuck house plans and the required building materials were ordered through their catalogue. In 1914, one was erected in Greenbank, Whidbey Island.

Board & Staff

Goosefoot appreciates the trust placed in us by so many in our community!

“…a huge cheerleader…”

Goosefoot supports local businesses by being a good landlord

From Seed to Stomach: Students Growing Their Own Food

Goosefoot helps educate children and cultivate community through funding of the South Whidbey School Farm program.

Community Grant Program

Goosefoot’s grant program supports our friends and neighbors in need, local business growth, and the preservation of uniquely South Whidbey places.

Bayview Community Hall

Owned by the community, for the community

Retail Space at Bayview

Interested in renting space for your business at Bayview Center or Bayview Corner? Learn more here!

Bayview School

Since 1909, the Bayview School building has provided education in one form or another for South Whidbey residents of all ages.

Goosefoot News, Arts & Events

Enjoy live music. Discover new artists. Celebrate Mardi Gras and Earth Day. See what’s happening at Bayview here!

Maintaining Our Funding Stream

Goosefoot is unusual for a nonprofit organization in that we are self-sufficient and no longer rely on outside funding to fulfill our mission.